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Recession-Proof Your Resume

person doing resume on computer with inset of market going down

With inflation still raging and the Fed raising interest rates to try to tame it, many economists see us going into a recession this year. While the job market is still strong, tech giants seem to be the first to trim their staff. Google just announced they are firing 12,000 employees. This is after Microsoft, Amazon and Meta have laid off more than 60,000 workers combined.

So what can you do to protect yourself. A good starting place is to get your resume in order and up-to-date. You may have not had a resume done in many years. A lot of things have changed with resume formatting and content since then. No longer are resumes confined to one page in long, paragraph formats. Resumes are sleek and to-the-point. If your resume reads like a book, it’s time to get it revamped.

That way, if a recession does come knocking on your door, you’ll be a step ahead of those who chose to keep their head in the sands and try their luck with an outdated resume.

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