Is It Time For A New Resume?

Resumes are crucial in job hunting. But how do you know if yours needs an update?

Sign 1: Outdated Information

If your resume still lists your high school job and you're five years into your professional career, it's time for an update.

Sign 2: Lack of Results

Does your resume list duties instead of achievements? Employers want to see results, not just responsibilities.

Sign 3: One Size Fits All

Are you using the same resume for every job application? Tailored resumes are far more effective.

Sign 4: Too Long

If your resume is longer than two pages and you're not a seasoned executive, it's time to trim.

Sign 5: Old Formatting

Is your resume format outdated? Modern, clean formats catch the eye and are easier to read.

Sign 6: No Keywords

Not using keywords from the job description? Your resume might not be making it past Applicant Tracking Systems

It's Time To Refresh

If your current resume suffers from any of these signs, it's time to call a professional resume writer

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